Upload App

Upload the app to Kaixl,get short URL and QR code,Install by app URL or scan the QR code.

Package App

Let your site to be used like an App without submitting App Store or iOS Enterprise Certificate

iOS Signature

App no need to submit App store review can be install to phone and pad


To provide you with comprehensive, accurate, real-time scripting, resources, XHR exception information and page performance monitoring report


A light Bug management platform.


Upload your apps to Kaixl. Testers can now download and install them. You have full control of who can access each app. It is your personal App Store for testing.

App testing service

Distribute beta version apps, notify users of new versions to update, analyse test coverage, get feedback and suggest new features right from the app.

Open API

Kaixl provides you with clear and simple Open API. Through Open API, you have ability to integrate our services into your own applications, or download the data of your app

Integrate SDKs to setup and manage your projects

Add only one line of code into your app brings you crash report, analytics, feedback, and notify apps of new versions.

Keep Updated

Your users can easliy install their apps from our mobile website or client apps and notify them of new versions on iOS, Android, and all other supported platforms.

Crash Reports

Nobody wants their app to crash. But when it happens Kaixl provides you with the right information at your fingertips, like symbolicated stack traces and environment details.


Testing your app is way more than preventing crashes. With Kaixl, your testers can provide valuable feedback and suggest new features or improvements right from the app.


Kaixl provides you with analytics about which devices and languages your testers have already covered and where you need to spend some additional testing effort for full coverage.

Available on multiple platforms

Kaixl provides full platform service support.

Testing your beta apps anytime and anywhere.

WeChat Mini Program



Expert Test

Professional solution to mobile application testing and application on-line problem, promote your app test and online with a professional point.

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Provide more possibilities to manage Bug which includes tracking issues, member collaboration, schedule control, project management. Let work to be more elegant.

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Professional front-end javascript error monitoring platform, catch bugs quickly than you and report development defects before users feedback, improve work efficiency, and help developers.

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  • Program error monitoring
  • Resource loading monitoring
  • Network request monitoring
  • Website performance monitoring
  • Complete exception information daily
  • Web side, WeChat applet monitoring
  • Website running status overview
  • Website visit distribution statistics
  • Custom visualization template
  • Monitoring information trends
  • Use Kaixl with 1,000,000+ businesses and developers.

    Kaixl has served more than 1 million businesses and developers which improve lots of our work.